The returns and new begginings

Over a month ago I came back to Ecuador from my trip to Peru. And even though I saw there beautiful landscapes, I visited Machu Picchu and Cuzco, I celebrated Christmas in the jungle an all of this with delicious food, there was something that didn’t conquer my heart. I went back to Guayaquil, from where I had left to Peru in the begging of December. And again, I was in a place that doesn’t amaze. I met friend’s friend and she suggested that we could go visit him in Vilcabamba. And it was a good idea.


Horses on the meadow. Beautiful, aren’t they?


I came back to Vilcabamba. Finally, I knew I was in the right place. People, climate, all-present joy of life. That’s what speaks to me in Ecuador, especially in that town. In the meantime a decision, a plan was growing in my head and heart. Now it’s already in the realisation phase. I decided to become a cowboy. The one from the western. I’m not kidding. I’m buying a horse and I’m going to travel Ecuador on it. It doesn’t matter what happens next in my life – it will be something I will tell stories about to my children and grandchildren.

The plan has three phases. For now, I don’t own a horse yet, although it can change very soon. I’m living in a room next to the harness room and every day I have horses in front of my door – when I open it, at least one horse head tries to enter my room. It would be difficult to live closer to the horses. I don’t have electricity but candles are enough – and they inspire me. I learn the handling and maintenance of the mount. Cleaning, saddling, riding, of course, shoeing, giving a horse injections. The whole new world to me.


The sight from my window.
And from the door.



When I buy a horse, I’m not going to leave Vilcabamba immediately. I’d like to regulate my stay in Ecuador first. I extended my stay on tourist visa T3 (it’s just a stamp in the passport) to the 6th of May. Three months travel is not a travel, at least not on the horseback – I’ll apply for two years temporary residency. I hope it will have been done till the end of March. Or at least I’ll know what’s the situation. Until that moment I’m going to live in VIlcabamba and do some sightseeing around – I want to go for few days rides so I can test what I really need for my travel and what is just a useless junk I’ll never use.


Driving horses from the pasture..
Mountain trips.


And then, the third phase – I’ll put in the saddlebags two shirts, some underwear and socks, I’ll put on my poncho and the hat and I’ll leave for the North at the dusk.


At the pasture.


I have some plans with my blog, although I’m still thinking how to realise them. Firstly, I created with this post a new category with a work title Horses. I’m starting a YouTube channel. Of course I’ll still write. It’s my passion. I’d like to start a crowdfunding campaign. I should eat sometimes and the money tends to disappear with time. I’ll write about it later when I figure out how to do it.

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